About Us

Francis W., the owner of Houston Katy Dryer Vent Cleaning, realized there was a serious need for this service after running his appliance repair store (Houston Katy Appliance Repair) for a couple of decades. He decided that his company could fill this niche easily, provide superior service, and meet a community need. Houston Katy Dryer Vent Cleaning was born.

Customer Service Is Paramount

Our owner, Francis W., knows a thing or two about customer service. After being in the appliance repair business for over 25 years, he knows what homeowners and business owners want. They want work done quickly, and done right.

They want a company that stands behind their work and who isn’t happy until the customer is happy. “You’ve really gotta care,” says Francis. “You have to want a happy customer at the end.”

Today’s Modern Appliances Require More Expertise

Today’s dryers, washers, refrigerators, etc. are much more sophisticated than appliances of the past. With the goal of better energy efficiency forcing more and more energy efficient features to be added, parts have changed, temperature sensors and water valve controls have been added, and component parts are extremely small to draw the least amount of electricity possible to meet Energy Star and other efficiency standards.

The result is that there are more electronic parts and smaller parts that don’t last as long as traditional appliance parts did. Plus, appliances cost much more due to all of these upgrades and fabulous features. Today’s homeowner can have substantial investment in what used to be a simple, very affordable appliance.

Expertise is at an all time demand high. Luckily, because Houston Katy Dryer Vent Cleaning is a subsidiary of an appliance repair company, we have the experts you need already on staff.